Slow Tourism

An eco-responsible structure

  • Rainwater harvesting

In Normandy, the rain rhythms the daily life. So we decided to recycle this water and re-use it for flushing in the toilets and watering the garden. Thanks to that we save 30% of our water consumption.

  • Geothermal energy

To go further in our sustainable development approach, we have chosen a natural alternative for heating the entire building. Thanks to the horizontal geothermal heat pump system, we use the heat of the ground to temper our living spaces and rooms.

  • Aerothermics

As well as geothermal heating, we installed an aerothermal heat pump that extracts heat from the ambient air to preheat the water.

  • LED and presence detector

Finally, we have set up LED bulbs on all fixtures and motion detectors associated with a timer in the living rooms and corridors. All of those small gestures of daily life together allows us to save energy and preserve our nature.

  • Electrical charging terminals

Two charging stations for electric cars and Tesla cars have been installed on our private parking. These allow eco-responsible travelers to recharge their car whether hybrid or electric for free. Our two 36kw charging stations are at your disposal!


A set of ethical commitments

Sustainable development goes beyond love for the nature, it also involves the enhancement of heritage, a social and human commitment. The team is therefore committed to these causes through various actions.

  • Accessibility

During the renovations we paid particular attention to the fact that all part of the establishment are accessible for people with disabilities. A room on the ground floor has been entirely equipped to provide a quality welcome for people with reduced mobility. We were rewarded by the Tourism and Handicap Label and in 2016, are accessible for all the four types of handicap : motor, mental, auditory and visual. Our have trained staff will have a pleasure to welcome our guests.

  • Maintenance products

We commit ourselves to sustainable development with small gestures: In daily life, we decided to use natural products such as white vinegar and Enzypin products for the entire maintenance of the establishment. These products based on pine enzyme are 100% biodegradable and have excellent fragrance and detergent properties! Air quality is therefore preserved thanks to a strong limitation of the volatile organic components.

  • Restoration of heritage

Heritage has been absent for years from debates on sustainable development. Today we have realized that it is important to keep it, in order to transmit it. The Manoir, build in 1500, is listed in the historical monuments. The eason why, the renovation has been made in accordance with the traditions: noble materials and craftsmen respecting the traditions has been employed.

  • Compost

We also installed a compost,which allows us to reduce the waste produced by the kitchen and to re-use it as organic fertilizer for our garden and aromatic herb garden.

  • Sapocycle 

Our engagement engage us with NGO that shares the same values ans goes in the same direction. We therefore support the initiatives of Sapocycle, Bubbles saving lives.After your stay we recover the used soap block. These are recycled and distributed to the people in need, it contributes to the improvement of the hygiene. This association also provides jobs for disable people.

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