In your plate

Our producers

We only buy local products by local producers who work ethically ,respect the nature and love their work. That way we can offer a fresh and organic food.

  • The Tilleul’s Farms : Located at Goupil Othon, 15 miles away from Surville, Julien Fouque, our producer, provides us organic vegetables and fruits. Member of the “Achetons Local” network , he cultivates seasonal vegetables throughout the year.


  • The Buisson Duret : Our poultry comes from the farm of Buisson Duret, located close to the Neubourg a few km away. The poultry of that farm are nurtured with cereals directly from the farm. They have also free access to an outdoor course something unusal! Plucked on demand …


  • Maison Demey: Eric creates, every week, shortbreads that make us addict. Butter of the Bray country, organic Normandy flour, and free range eggs are the key actors of his know-how. You might test his biscuit  (nature, sesame lemon, or fruit) during a picnic lunch.


  • Bio plants, from the garden in the garden: “Agastache”, “Lemon balm”, “Salad burnet” behind these mysterious names, hide forgotten aromatic flavors. In March 2017, we planted about thirty different kinds of aromatic plants. These seedlings come from the Farm “Les Bio Plants du Potager” a few kilometers from the Manor. Will you be able to taste the difference between mint-strawberry, mint-chocolate or mint-orange ?

The breakfast

Nothing better than a good breakfast to begin the day ! We offer you products of high quality and for most of them, organic. Through the breakfast you will discover ancestral know-how with a rural accent.

  • Normandy butter, naturally rich in nutrients, creamy and of an inimitable color. Salty, sweet or chocolate chips, the Bourgeoiserie de Clothilde farm produces this butter within 30km.
  • The fruit juices of Domaine du Hauts Vents : artisanal and local production, inviting you to discover the taste of apples and pears of the Normandy.
  • On our cereal bar, you can discover Catherine Kluger’s organic granolas: refined mixtures without added sugar, without palm oil, without preservative and adjuvant, and made in France …
  • Yogurt from the Moulin farm delivered by the Fermes d’ici network.

  • And finally, nothing better than a fresh fruit salad, prepared by our chef, and homemade jams to stock up on vitamin!


To bring back home …

The Saint Esprit’s Candles : 

Created and developed in a small Normandy village by lovers of the art of living and decoration, Saints Esprits draws its inspiration from different universes in order to bring a note of original and multicultural spirit in the house. A home fragrance becomes the olfactory signature of a place, and scented candles a gift that we like to offer throughout the year.

The Manor elected the Epicurean as an olfactory identity, a mixture of tobacco and neroli leaf. 100% vegan and local, the object is in keeping with the ecological and ethical values ​​of our place.



We have recently joined the international movement Slow Food. Carlo Petrini, founded this association in Italy in the 90s. His aim is to support and defend good diet, epicurean pleasure and a “slow” rhythm of life :

Enjoy the daily life.This philosophy is a perfect match with ours, so we decided to be part of “Slow Food-Terre Normande 2017” to highlight our commitment to sustainable development, biodiversity and harmony with our environment.

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