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Swimming pool: a heated swimlate of 4m x 20m, open from April until September



Wellness & Treatment

Across the zen area, you will find two unique and stylish design cabins featuring a steam bath from SweetSpa and a heat bath from SweetSauna, which invite you to experience wellness with soft and relaxing sensations. A shower with light therapy and music therapy completes the experience by heightening your senses.

For complete well-being, enjoy a relaxing time in the hands of our beautician, in the treatment room specially equipped to contribute to a smooth and relaxing moment. These are only offered on reservation and upon availability.
The wellness center access is included in the room price. The wellness is also accessible to none guests of the hotel under reservation.
Do not hesitate to contact us to book your treatment and massage.

Below you will find our Spa brochure with all the treatments:


The rates are 45€ for 30 mins, 90€ for one hour, 135€ for one our and half, and 160€ fr two hours.

Brochure Cinq Mondes – Spa Manoir de Surville


Reflexology treatment

Thanks to a technique of digital pressures on areas corresponding to each of your organs. The reflexology brings a deep relaxation.  It repairs and activates the natural functions of regulation of the body.

Our reflexologist, Laurie, offers you to discover reflexology through two types of care:    

– A reflexology treatment based solely on plantar reflexology: Each session begins with a few minutes interview, during which the person exposed to the reflexologist his health and expectations. The reflexologist proposes a protocol of care of relaxation or stimulation according to the needs of the person. After 30 to 45 minutes of care, the session ends with a time of exchange on the feelings of the person allowing him to calmly resume his spirits.

– A “reflex relaxation massage”: Facial and cranial reflexology, combined with plantar reflexology. This is a reflex relaxation and stimulation technique that involves exerting pressure on specific points of the face, skull and feet. It aims to relieve pain and tension and can relieve many stress-related disorders.

Reflexology has some contraindications that it is important to respect. Our reflexologist will not be able to take you in session in case of thrombosis, phlebitis, or during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The rate is 70€ per session.


Sound massages

Our practitioner Aurélie invites you to discover the benefits of sound massages. This kind of massage allows you to reach a deep and regenerating relaxation state, spiritual as well as physical, thanks to its harmonious sounds and vibrations.

This massage technique using Tibetan bowls affects different points :
– the soul is soothed
– creativity and motivation are stimulated
– stress and tensions are released
– the energy system is harmonized
– the immune system is reinforced

Aurélie’s sound massages are available for one, for couples or for groups. (from 70 euros for one hour)

As a child, Aurélie asked a lot of questions about the human body functions to her father, a doctor. She naturally directed herself towards well-being and complementary medicines. One of her life precepts is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
She spent six years in Barcelona, which allowed her to get interested in several energetic fields : Chinese medicine, meditation, Bach flowers or Qi Gong. The energy system became essential to her life and she decided to study reiki as well as naturopathy and acupuncture.
A friend offered her a resonant massage, she is profoundly touched and decides to study this technique to create her own business, Shin~Do, which means “vibrations” in Japanese.



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