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The Table

With our couple of chefs, Xaviera & Damien, you will discover seasonal and creative gourmet cuisine in a warm and modern atmosphere. He develops his cuisine around seasonal products to delight the eyes and taste buds of her guests.The pleasure of enjoying a friendly setting, gathering around the table to share authentic dishes, plunging back into memories and being welcomed as a friend’s …

The philosophy of the kitchen is similar to the spirit of the Manor, a spirit that can be summed up in one word: “simplicity”. Behind that word, there is a high demand of the « quality of the products” and “short circuits”. These two criteria are the basis of a good table: “what interests us is the taste.”

There is only one menu, the menu of the day, which reflects changes of the market moods and revolves around a starter, a main course, a cheese plate and a dessert.

Slide your feet under the table, and let us “pamper you” over a delicious meal made just for you…


The table is open to individuals on Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and holiday eve

and all evenings (except Tuesday) in July and August.

The table must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
Please feel free to send us any other requests out of opening days. We’ll do our best to meet your requirements.


Examples of Chef’s menu at the cost of € 65

(€59 without cheese)

  Spring :

White asparagus, pearl barley, salmon eggs, and oyster leaf

Steamed cod, turnips, ginger, miso broth

Goat’s cheese espuma and Iran lemon powder

Confit rhubarb , creamy goat’s milk, peanut crumble


Summer :

Peas and peppermint soup, gravlax salmon and sunflower seeds

Shoulder of lamb, roasted carrots, apricot pulp, black sesame juice and sumac

Cottage cheese espuma and chives

Roasted peach, corn shortbread, almond milk cream, and verbena


Autumn :

Parsnip creal, celery risotto and zaatar

Yellow pollack fillet, kumquat, carrots mousseline and coriander pesto

Comté espuma and pecan nuts

Plum financier, and confit figs with yellow cardamom

Winter :

Kohlrabi consommé, marinated haddock and fresh goat cheese

Grilled beef chuck, pumpkin, kale and Corsican clementine

Chocolate ganache, kalamansi caramel and caramelized pumpkin seeds

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