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The chefs couple

We are happy to welcome a young couple : She is Nicaraguan, he is French. She is a pastry chef, he is a cook. They met in the kitchen of the Michelin-starred restaurant Frédéric Simonin in Paris, 7 years ago. 

Xaviera decided to specialize into pastry in 2013, after studying engineering. She trained in Paris and in Michelin-starred establishments and quickly became “chef de partie”. Her pastry is delicate, fine and generous.

Damien has been passionate about cooking since childhood and has worked for 10 years alongside great chefs. This epicurean is enjoying life. His cooking is inspired by his various travels around the world. It is defined as inventive, gourmet and seasonal.

This couple comes to take up the challenge of feasting you for the end of the year ! Their common denominator is to have fun in the kitchen, in order to spoil you, and this is reflected in their menus.

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